This Shanghai Flower Shop Has Just Made Buying Flowers A whole Lot Cooler

Flowers may be seasonal (although these days you see some that are available all year), but their beauty is appreciated and enjoyed all year round. More often than not, they become a form of communication, symbols of something, like for instance how many of us use flowers to send messages to other people- ‘’congratulations’’ to a graduating university friend, ‘’ get well soon’’ to a sick relative, ‘’I am sorry’’ to an angry spouse. Flowers as delicate as they have a power in them, they brighten somebody’s mood and yes an accompanying note or greeting card containing the above words and sentiments also does help but they surely do not undermine what one little rose is capable of.

With such importance placed on one of nature’s delicacies, shopping for them must be such a momentous task right? Culturally, we have grown used to buying fresh flowers at public markets or flower shops but over the past few years, these conventional settings have gone through a bit of contemporary rejuvenation giving rise to a whole lot of sleek and edgy boutiques. Say hello to July’s Flower, a shop in Shanghai, China that is redefining the old concept of small and charming flower shops.

Designed and branded by Shanghai-based Alberto Caiola, July’s Flower is a world wonder that uses open space, mirrors, brushed metal, exposed concrete and terrazzo flooring to create an amazingly sleek environment in which the presence of flowers is highlighted and multiplied with mirrors and high custom containers, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘flower power’.

It is not just the interior of July’s Flowers that seeks to disrupt the relationship between conventional and contemporary, but also its facade.

Part of an emerging new wave of contemporary florists, July’s Flower brings together the innate and edgy Shanghai counterculture with the time-honoured traditions of horticulture and floral design. The store’s interior is flat out astonishing, looking at the pictures alone requires at least a five-minute break for a good old moment of picking your jaw up off the floor.
An incorporation of a wide spectrum of materials, the interior balances brushed metal finishes with the natural textures of terrazzo flooring. The large expanses of horizontal and angled mirrors positioned on the store’s ceiling create the illusion of a much larger space. Amplifying the volume’s height, the effect appears to defy the laws of gravity. In stark contrast, exposed concrete beams reveal the building’s original structure.

The beautiful flowers displayed in clustered pots adjacent to large mirrored dishes are the heart of the store giving it a blooming optic. Complete with a designated showroom area that presents a selection of flower-related products, as well as a curated selection of design pieces, it is safe to say July’s Flower is built on brilliance and transparency and invigorated with a display that literally glitters against the store’s raw concrete background. Breaking barriers of tradition, expectations, and perception, July’s Flowers really does define Shanghai in bloom.

Images: Dirk Weiblen via

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