Nigerian Fashion Label Fashpa is Spreading Floral Power and Romantic Dreams Through Its Ophelia Collection

Once upon a time, black was the colour of fashion and floral prints were the overcompensating outcast always trying to land an invite to the ball of the decade. Thank heavens for time and the change that comes with it because flowers finally made it in and wearing black (yes it is still a dominant colour in the world of fashion but that is a story for another day) isn’t the only way to look fashionable and 2017’s spring/summer catwalks came through with bouquets of florals reminding us yet again that, ‘’that floral reign just won’t let up’. At this point, we can all agree that fashion without flowers is like cake without sugar. Case in point, Ophelia, the beautiful collection by Fashpa, a women’s lifestyle brand with a point of view rooted in fresh silhouettes and a love for vibrant colours, prints and embellishments made quite a pretty tribute to the power of the flower.

Created in 2013 by Honey Ogundeyi, the brand is well known for designing and producing a majority of their limited- edition ready-to-wear collections in their own factory headquarters in Nigeria, West Africa. Fashpa uses culture and design to combine the best of traditional and modern, African and international, socially-minded and environmentally conscious. Beautifully Made Things, is the foundation of everything they at which they design functional pieces for the modern woman with the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship.

Lifestyle-wise, the brand strives to create an online destination that empowers women to celebrate the beauty in everything, themselves, their culture and each other. By combining premium fabrics with traditional techniques and expert craftsmanship by Africa’s finest makers throughout their supply chain and selling directly to consumers through the internet, Fashpa is fast becoming one of Africa’s go to fashion destination and the new collection reinforces this.

We make beautiful, hand crafted styles at a fraction of the cost of conventional luxury fashion of the same quality.

Through Ophelia, Fashpa takes us to a floral wonderland where we see its signature clean shapes and lines but spiced up with a romantic peak. The campaign features a welcome array of hibiscus, dark, deep dahlias, orchids and hydrangeas inspired fabrics and a clever use of stripes and floral details. Shot by Ademola Odusami, the campaign was inspired by a vision of a Shakespearean adventure, from the mysterious world of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night’s Dream to Hamlet’s Ophelia – an old world romantic heroine. The Ophelia collection celebrates African heritage and incorporates exquisitely handcrafted details such as hand-beaded dresses and floral detailed organza throughout the collection.

The Ophelia Collection is inspired by romance and is skillfully integrated with soft and feminine touches achieved through a combination of bold sultry fabrics with softer floral fabric. This romantic collection is both flirty and yet ultra- sophisticated. Fashpa uses a variety of lace, chiffon, organza enriched with time-honoured Nigerian signature artisan techniques such as appliqué, hand beadwork, sequins for a unique touch and these are accented with novelty elements including silk fringes and ruffles.

Evidently, flowers have put quite a spell on the fashion industry as seen through the world of Ophelia. Nowadays florals are a wardrobe staple and not having even one clothing item touched by the irresistible hand of a flower is almost unimaginable. This versatile motif is here to stay and the Ophelia Collection magnificently attests to that.


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