Between Fashion and Art: The Story of Maryme-Jimmy Paul

🌍 Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Maryme-JimmyPaul’s story is set between the fine line of Fashion and Fine Art, along with the colourful streets of pop culture and eccentricism. The dynamic duo’s collections which feature bold, sculptural garments, make it impossible not to feel a rush of childhood memories and a reminiscent of 70s disco era at which you can almost hear the Village People’s YMCA or the Bee Gees playing Staying Alive. Cue in the celebrity brigade featuring big names like Lady Gaga and Iggy Azalea who have donned the striking bubble-gum, and comic-ey creations of MaryMe-JimmyPaul which perfectly embody their stage personas.

Before the lot of celebrities, before the eye-catching collectings that are slowly yet surely cementing the brand’s creative prominence, there was just Marie Burlot and Jimmy Rinsum, a fun and wildly imaginative contemporary young design duo that graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. One French and another Dutch yet both from artistic backgrounds, the twosome came together in a wonderful response to the universe and unleashed a prolific mesh of past and present, edgy and fruity.

We believe that fashion can be more than just an article of clothing. We want to tell a story with our collections and sometimes, creating big sculptural statement pieces is the best way to express our stories.

A glimpse of the plastic pants and bright geometric shapes will inevitably take you back in time to the discotheques that dominated the 70s New York party scene. The element of past and present is drawn from their ability to get inspiration from everything, from childhood cartoons, modern art, 70s pop scene and of course their very own outrageous imaginations. Each new collection comes with its delights and wonders, awakening a sense of playful curiosity and arousing an edge that emancipates and empowers like the sexual revolution of the 70s.


MaryMe-JimmyPaul is the most entertaining, fun and contemporary young design duo out of Amsterdam today. Taking inspiration from their own created stories, worlds, people and view on the current and past pop culture, they humanize fashion, they make it fun, flexible and egalitarian. Unrestricted, their designs are constantly pushing the boundaries of shape, textures and colours which makes them impossible to miss. The bright translucent plastic jacket with faux fur collars is sure to raise eyebrows as is the sporty yellow pantsuit unceremoniously paired with pink heels. Such signature creations combined with breathtakingly elaborate silhouettes establish MaryMe-Jimmy Paul’s unmistakable rich brand aesthetic.

Topping off their awe-inspiring creative process is the resourcefulness of their sculptural works not only in providing a surprising look, but also evoking a feeling, and it is this feeling that builds a following for the fashion brand. Their collections consist of different layers of emotions and inspirations that come about as a combination of different sources that have nothing to do with each other, a combination that gives the brands’ extra ‘edge’. With such different sources that range from the art and fashion world, MaryMe-JimmyPaul takes the viewer into a world of revolution, humour and fantasy, the world of MaryMe-JimmyPaul.

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