Why Thai Gallery Is The Perfect Design Restaurant To Give You A Taste Of Thailand in Milan

🌍 Milan, Italy

Like most normal people, good food is my number one priority when I eat at a restaurant. I want to eat something so tasty that it will leave my taste buds in a trance and my mouth with eternal memories of heavenly flavours. With that being said, have you ever walked into a restaurant and be so captivated by its interiors, colours and instagrammability that you end up sitting down without worrying about what the food will taste like? As a matter of fact, you end believing the food will taste as good as the restaurant looks. Well, one place where the food tastes just as good as the restaurant looks is at Thai Gallery, a restaurant where design and orient lovers can enjoy sensuous cuisine from faraway Thailand.

Undeniably good food and customer service are very important for return business. However, restaurants ars well prioritising experience as a selling mechanism. The design of the restaurant sets the stage for customers’ dining experience hence the rise of ‘Design Restaurants.’ Thai Gallery is definitely one of those restaurants designed to impress.

Located in Milan’s Piazza Alvar Aalto, the restaurant is a bit of an art gallery, thanks to the anthology of creative paintings on the walls of what looks like a traditional Thai house. Filled with bright contrasting colours, you will find statues of the Buddha, plants giving an aura of a tropical forest, cushions with colourful patterns and oriental aromas all which add to the enthrallment of Thai Gallery. Guests can relish an impressive selection of Thai cuisine spanning from Pad Thai to yellow Massaman fish or meat curries, expertly prepared by Head chef Suchat Suajamsin. Scroll down to see more of Thai Gallery.

Website: Thaigallery.it


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