Shop The Brand: Check Out These Hand-Painted Handbags By ArteLisanti

🌍 Puglia, Italy

Handbags are a big deal, almost high heels type of a big deal. A woman’s bag carries her entire world as such when we go bag shopping we look for a bag with not only sterling quality but also with a tone that represents us in the best way.

For lovers of fashion and art, a bag with the perfect fusion of the two is outfit gold. This is where ArteLisanti bags come in and cater to women who express their womanhood by choosing true art-creations for their fashion accessories. The brand with roots from Puglia and Liguria produces leather handbags and accessories entirely hand-painted, with the mission to bring up to the market little walking art-works, that move away from the “print” or “photocopy” effect, in order to donate to those wearing them a true art-work.

ArteLisanti offers small paintings and art-works to carry always with you, hand painted one by one as well as exclusive items for women who don’t want to be like anyone else but rather be dynamic and original.

Check out the bags below and to shop the look, simply for the links below
each outfit.

Hand-painted leather bag – ADORABLE FRIDA KAHLO
Parker Combo Dress
Penhaligon’s Ellenisia Eau de Parfum, Vaporizer, 100 ml
Orovi Earrings  in 18 Kt 750 yellow gold
uBeauty High Heel Sandals 

Hand-painted leather bag – HOME SWEET HOME BON TON
SOJOS unisex Sunglasses 
Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick, Shade 28
New Look Ripped Ashley Boyfriend Jeans 
elashe Peep Toe Slingback Sandals
Ningsun  V-neck Casual Polka Dot Blouse

oodji Ultra Woman Blouse with Short Sleeves
Pinko Shorts 
Ray-Ban Unisex Sunglasses
United Nude Zink Slingback Sandals
Hand-painted leather bag – THE STARRY NIGHT OF VAN GOGH

Hand-painted leather bag – I GIRASOLI DI VAN GOGH
Caitlin Pan sandals
Swarovski Slake bracelet, multicoloured
DAFUNNA Women Wide Brim Straw Hat
HOMEBABY Bohemia Long Dress 


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