Runway Duchess Studio is a glossy publishing hub for like-minded Fashion, Art & Culture enthusiasts who want an enriching & enlightening experience of the Fashion, Art & Culture industries without any barriers of elitism, ethnicism & nationalism.
Launched in July 2017, Runway Duchess Studio provides a unique and fresh approach to Fashion, Art and Culture information through conscientious curation of engrossing stories of contemporary fashion as well as stories from the ingenious gurus of various genres of culture including: art, design, photography, literature, film and music, travel, food and history. Runway Duchess Studio researches, reviews and recommends the pioneering, the uncharted, and the exhilarating stories shaping the fashion, art and culture industries today in a bid to promote and develop. From Africa to Europe, to Asia and the Americas, Runway Duchess provides a platform where creative world stories converge.


My team of brilliant contributors and I are dedicated to publishing top-notch content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with topics covering such areas brand and artist spotlight, design inspirational posts, where-to, shopping guides, how-tos, fashion tips, and all kinds of information about fashion, art and culture from all the world’s continents.


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Currently based in Italy, Faith Katunga is a Malawian born Fashion & Culture Analyst, Afro-Fashion Curator, E-Business Consultant & Content Writer with expertise in Research, Compiling & Writing on various topics including Fashion, Art, Travel and Culture for web & print publications. She has vast experience in analysing & interpreting fashion & lifestyle trends as well as Fashion branding and marketing.

Her E-Business competence in the areas of WordPress Web Design, Web Content Development and Maintenance, Social Media Strategy Development, Marketing and Management and SEO has led her to work successfully with clients from Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Malawi and South Africa. Faith’s passion for Global Fashion, Art & Culture, Writing and the Digital World led her to create the digital publishing studio, Runway Duchess.

Faith holds a Masters Degree from the University of Bologna (Italy) in Fashion Culture and Management and she received her Bachelors Degree in Humanities from the University of Malawi.