Runway Duchess Studio offers brands, institutions, individuals, emerging talents and businesses extensive publicity and promotion through its media channels which include the blog, magazine and youtube channel which cover interviews, event coverage, editorial as well as reportage of the fashion, art & culture industries. Runway Duchess also offers marketing and promotion through a fashion bazaar, social media platforms, newsletters, projects and partnerships across the globe.

Wherever You Are, We will Work With You


We consult and collaborate with various businesses, institutions and individuals on publicising and increasing awareness of their brands, such as designer labels or department stores, hotels or artists. We work on assisting businesses to reach the perfect demographic for their various products or activities. We also monitoring consumer reactions to marketing campaigns and products. We organise and manage presentations, events, fashion shows, lectures, conferences & workshops as well as curating, presenting/displaying artistic & cultural works


We provide guidance to organizations in utilizing digital platforms productively and reaching out to maximum customers. We possess knowledge of web development and digital marketing. Our skills lie in WordPress web design, web content development and maintenance, conducting market research & creation of promotion plans.



Interior design is a visual art as such potential clients, customers and the world in general needs to see your work. We work with interior designers, firms, and businesses in promoting their brands and works as well as making sure their promotional strategy is ahead of the game.



We develop social media and content strategies, helping to grow a client’s business through a variety of online and social channels ensuring the team meets and exceeds client expectations. We also provide training to internal teams to integrate and maintain a cohesive social media strategy upon request.



Keeping your content fresh is a must. We can help you plan and produce creative and engaging editorial, graphics or video content. That’s not all. We are also here to assist you to plan a campaign to push your content to the right audience, and expand your reach.



We believe in the value of education and development of fashion and art fields. We work with institutions and organisations in organising lectures, workshops and internships that train and thus encourage young people to follow their Fashion and Art dreams.